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I had pain on my back head and called primary doctor. The primary doctor suggested me to Emergency Room if I feel worse. I went to Emergency Room early morning on December 4,2020.Doctor had CT scan. I was given antibiotics and Morphine. It works limited for my painful headache. The doctor suggested me see Acupuncturist or Chiropractor. I scheduled a appointment at 4pm on December 4,2020 at United Acupuncture clinic. The pain was 75% released after the first treatment. The pain went away from the pain level 10/10 to 0/10 after the second visit on December 6,2020. I suggested any person who suffering pain or other issue give a try of acupuncture if you need a solution or second opinions for your health issue.

                                                                                   --------- George  TX     12/13/2020


Great appointment! Dr. Liu figured out why I was having pain and difficultly moving about. She provided a treatment that got rid of my pain and allowed me to get around normally. Amazing in one visit!   

                                                                                                          ---------  M. D.  Katy, TX     10/20/2020

It was excellent. Dr Liu is great and professional. She explained everything in detail and i will definitely let my friends and family know about United accupunture. I will also come back with another session with Dr Liu. Thanks

                                                                           -------Nida I. Richmond, TX    10/21/2020

It was live. I can bend like never before.   

                                                                                   --------  Brison    TX      11/22/2020

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